Seminar Recap: Exploring Governance Challenges in Estonian E-Residency

We recently had the privilege of hosting Dr. Matti Ylönen from the University of Helsinki in an engaging guest seminar. Dr. Ylönen, a University Lecturer in World Politics, provided valuable insights into the governance challenges of monitoring and supervising Estonian e-residents.

Speaker Background:

Dr. Matti Ylönen leads a research project titled “Big Tech and the EU” and has an impressive academic track record. His PhD, “Planned Economies? Corporations, Tax Avoidance, and World Politics,” earned him the 2018 University of Helsinki PhD prize. Moreover, he spent the academic years 2020–2022 as a Marie Curie Widening Fellow at the TalTech Ragnar Nurkse Department. Dr. Ylönen’s contributions extend to prominent journals such as the Review of International Political Economy and Governance.

Seminar Highlights:

During the seminar, Dr. Ylönen delved into the intricate governance challenges posed by Estonian e-residents. These challenges are of increasing importance in our digital age, as Estonia’s e-residency program has gained significant attention.

Estonian e-residency offers a unique opportunity for individuals and businesses to access services and establish a digital presence in Estonia. However, the governance aspects, especially in terms of monitoring and supervision, are multifaceted. Dr. Ylönen’s presentation shed light on these complexities, exploring the role of technology, policy, and international implications.

Key Takeaways:

  • Governance in the digital era presents both opportunities and challenges.
  • Monitoring and supervising e-residents require innovative approaches that balance security and openness.
  • Estonia’s e-residency program serves as an intriguing case study for the broader discussion of digital governance.

We would like to extend our gratitude to Dr. Matti Ylönen for sharing his expertise and insights. This seminar was a valuable addition to our ongoing exploration of digital governance and its impact on society.

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