Recap of ERA 2024 Knowledge Day and Brokerage Event

In a bid to catalyse collaboration and fortify our research management and administration capabilities, the PADST Project Administrator (RND, TalTech) recently attended the ERA 2024 Knowledge Day and Brokerage Event. This insightful gathering brought together experts and enthusiasts from the research community. The event gave our team the tools needed to contribute actively to the European Research Area.

Event Highlights:

  • Officers from the European Commission illuminated the upcoming ERA calls and topics for 2024. The presentation revealed the rationale behind the calls addressing critical areas such as Next-Generation AI, Open Science, support for research management professionalization and much more.
  • Project proposal evaluation procedure and lessons learned were shared by Andrei Lintu, Head of Sector at the European Research Executive Agency. His insights shed light on the intricacies of proposal assessment.
  • ERA Project Coordinator shared practical tips and tricks for designing successful project proposals. His expertise has been instrumental in projects like – Sustainable Careers for Researcher Empowerment.

Decoding the Evaluation Process:

Adding a layer of transparency to the complex web of project proposal evaluation, an expert from the European Research Executive Agency offered behind-the-scenes look into the evaluation process, valuable insights from the previous evaluation cycle were shared.

Crafting Successful Proposals:

A crucial juncture in the plenary session unfolded as an ERA project coordinator stepped forward. Sharing tips and tricks for effective proposal preparation, the coordinator infused the event with practical wisdom. These insights, born out of real-world experiences, provided a roadmap for navigating the proposal landscape and maximizing the chances of success.

Our Takeaways:

Getting an early briefing on forthcoming opportunities aligns with the PADST project’s goal to boost the research management and administration capabilities of the Ragnar Nurkse Department (WP4) and advance participation in Horizon Europe calls.

By demystifying upcoming calls, unravelling the evaluation intricacies, and providing hands-on guidance for proposal preparation, the event equipped the PADST research manager with the tools needed to contribute actively to the ERA’s trajectory.

Keep an eye on our blog for more in-depth explorations of topics discussed at the event and how they relate to the PADST project’s goals.

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