Research Focus

Public Administration Capabilities

PADST project studies what administrative and digital capabilities governments need for a sustainable transition.

At the forefront of navigating our sustainable future, governance institutions play a crucial role, especially within the realm of public administration. This sector, often overlooked, is key in shaping technological progress and addressing climate emergencies through innovative policy and digital transformation. The ongoing mission for Public Administration scholarship is to explore, identify, and disseminate superior paradigms and practices essential for the sustainable transition, marking a critical area for development in both government capabilities and academic inquiry.

As the latest COVID-19 pandemic has clearly shown, technological fixes alone will not suffice to mitigate global challenges. Next to technological advances, societies need major institutional adjustments, or more precisely, to shape technological solutions according to societal needs and challenges.

Public administrations form a pivotal role in the social shaping of technological progress. Next to developing new policy responses to climate emergencies, governments need to develop new public administration capabilities. Governments need to do so while adjusting to the digital age and making use of emerging digital transformation opportunities.

Public Administration scholarship’s persistent task is to search, discover and share better paradigms and practices for making the sustainable transition happen.

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